Lone Star Sanctuary For Animals shares a four-legged friend with us each week. If you are able to help one (or two) of them find a new loving ‘forever home’, we would appreciate your support.

Feel free to stop by Lone Star Sanctuary For Animals at 4200 N. Fairgrounds Road in Midland. Or call 432-683-7387.

Here are a few of the latest fur babies who need your help.

What is better than a chubby orange tabby cat? Two chubby orange tabby cats! Meet Richie and Bobby! These sweet cuddly seniors are 11 years old and brothers! The boys lived with a lady who kept them as her office cats for most of their lives but came to us when she had to go into assisted living. They were adopted a short time later but returned after a year when the owner was moving and couldn't bring them to her new home. They are looking for a permanent loving home to live out the rest of their lives. In return, their new owner will get unconditional love and companionship! Bobby braver than Richie when it comes to new people but they are both very sweet kitties once they get to know you! Come meet this bonded pair every day from 1-4:30pm except Thursdays!
10/25/21BANNER - male-Lab/Shepherd MIx-9 years old
10/25/21BUTTON - female-DLH cat-2 years old
10/25/21QUEST - female-Chihuahua Mix-7 years old
10/19/21Meet Valerie! Valerie is a five month old Pit Bull puppy who has been spayed and is up to date on her vaccines! How Valerie came to us is a sad story! One of our staff saw what looked like a small collapsible crate blowing around the parking lot. When she got closer, she was shocked to find a small puppy was running around inside that crate! Once they had freed that puppy from her crate, we noticed that Valerie had many circular spots of missing hair covering her entire body! The first thought was mites but later was diagnosed with Ring Worm! Because Ring Worm is so contagious, Valerie had to spend several weeks in isolation. Sadly this caused her to miss out on socializing with other dogs and people. Now staff is working with her daily to teach basic commands and positive association with people and other dogs. Valerie is very intelligent and learns new commands very quickly. She is very food motivated and that has been very helpful in her training. Valerie is a very sweet dog that loves to be pet and get attention from people. She is very eager to please! Valerie does not like the other dogs here at the shelter and we are recommending that she be an only pet. We will continue to work with her on this issue but for now it is what is best for her and any other dog a potential adopter might have. Valerie should not go home to a family with children under 10 years of age and must go to a home with a fenced in yard.