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Well played dust.  Well played.
I've been in West Texas going on three months now and I thought I could beat you at your own game.  But you, good dusty sir, have outmatched me.  I tried going to the drive through car wash... and I thought I had you beat.  BUT BAM!!! A dust storm hits that night!

I tried going to the do it yourself cleaners. BUT BAM!!! I guess your near invisibleness stuck to my poor dry job and a few days later you couldn't tell if my car had ever been clean. 

Then I acquiesced just a bit.  I figured I'd wait for a big rain storm to do the job for me.  BUT BAM!!! Instead of rain you HAILED on me.  Now I have lots of little scratch's to mix in with the dust. 

So kudos on mixing your strategy up, you really came at me from every angle.  But I thought to myself that this is all just cosmetic stuff, sure a super dirty car ain't the best thing in the world but at least my car is running.  No amount of dust is going to stop my Jeep from doing what it does best: drive.  BUT BAM!!!! Just last week it started making a whirring sound when I pressed the accelerator, when I opened up the hood to check it out what do I find?  A DEAD BIRD!!! A bird that I either hit while driving through a dust storm or a bird climbed up into my engine to escape a dust storm.  Either way that bird's life is on your hands Dust.

So you win.  I give up.  Derrick Russell cannot compete with billions upon billions of floating particles.  I bow to your victory, please don't kill me.

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04/22/2013 3:25PM
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