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We have puppies. We are exhausted. People always say that you don't really know what it is to be a parent until you have TWO children. Bill Cosby says that's because with only one child you always know who did it! It is the same with puppies.

Our two, Augie and BB, are inseparable, and energetic. It is always amazing to me how different their personalities are. Augie is the scruffy terrier. He is timid with new people, is very still and sweet when you hold him, sleeps in bed with us, and is very protective if he perceives a threat. He can also be shamed into better behavior.

BB is in every way the opposite. BB is the little Pomeranian mix. She is so adorable she gets forgiveness because her cuteness is impossible to ignore. She is not particularly cuddly, doesn't know a stranger, and cannot be shamed into better behavior because she truly believes everything she does is golden! She is bold, independent, and very, very naughty. At the Lonestar Sanctuary they called her "Xena Princess Puppy" for a reason!

Everyone says the best way to potty train them is by using crate training. But it is really hard to put a shelter puppy into a crate. Our two were found wandering in the streets and they have serious separation anxiety when we leave them alone. So we will just keep taking them outside every 15 minutes until they learn, or we do.

Sometimes we question our wisdom for adopting two puppies, but we never question our decision to adopt THESE two puppies!
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We all get caught up in the everyday confusion that is life. It is in America's DNA to always want more. It is why we are such a "blessed" nation! I believe we truly are blessed by God's Grace but we also work really hard! So sometimes it is hard to see what we have because we are working so hard to have more.

I was sitting on our deck in the mountains reading this weekend and I looked up and realized that my childhood dreams had come true! It was shocking really. Growing up in Colorado, all I wanted was a cabin in the mountains. I was even pretty specific about wanting a big screened-in porch. So when I realized I was sitting and reading on my childhood dream porch I was kind of shocked.

We lose track of our early dreams. Sometimes we don't even still want what we thought we did. But somehow, through the years, this childhood dream of mine was realized. How about that! Sometimes you just have to stop and smell the pine trees!

So stop and look around you…have your dreams come true and you have been too busy to notice?
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I have been told over and over never to pray for patience. God will send you many things that will try your patience until you finally break and LEARN to be patient. It is not granted to you like a wish it is developed like a muscle!

That being said, Mike and I have really been developing our patience muscle. Our house has been on the market for 2 months. Everyone says the house is perfect. It is 5 bedrooms and 41/2 baths of perfect! It is over 3700 square feet of clean, new, fresh perfect. Priced right, great value, low maintenance. That being said, it has not sold.

I know many of you have gone through this same frustration. Trying to keep a house clean AT ALL TIMES with children and pets and life happening. You will definitely get your patience muscle strengthened.

Soooooo…anyone want to buy a house?
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