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It's funny, we never think we watch a lot of television until everything goes into re-runs...and then you realize you have nothing to do!  At least there is a "summer season" of television now!  However, the 6 weeks between one TV season and another is a golden time to sit down and read!  So I ordered myself a couple of books on my Kindle and curled up in our bedroom to read.  Mike had other plans.

You see, the season between seasons on TV is also the end of hockey and basketball season and the beginning of baseball season!  There is NEVER nothing on TV for Mike!!  And though he could watch the various sports he flips through constantly in the living room...he "want's to be near me" so he comes into the bedroom and turns on the TV. 

A friend of mine said she runs into the same problem.  Her husband comes into the living room while she is watching "American Idol" and snores in her lap.  When she asks him why he doesn't just go to bed he says "Because I want to be with you!"  What can you say?  After all, we would also be complaining if they didn't want to be with us!  That's what I keep telling myself while trying to read through a hockey game.

04/25/2013 8:51AM
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