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In France, they have just passed a law banning employees from checking their work emails from 6pm to 9am.  Germany passed a similar law last year!  Not surprisingly, most of the phone calls we received from listeners this morning were about the “over-reaching of government into our lives.”  In France and Germany they are used to that.  Not in America.
I wish we could stop the constant checking of our emails, texts, Facebook posts, etc.   That being said…do we really need a LAW to stop us from working?  In Europe, they take a MONTH of vacation at a time!!  Most Americans don’t even take the two weeks of vacay that we earn! 
However, not taking our vacation, checking our emails and working after hours…all of that is our CHOICE.  Americans may not like working so much, but they like having the FREEDOM to work more (or not).  We Americans ARE exceptional!  Not everything that we do is perfect…but our freedom to TRY to do anything...is absolutely perfect.  

04/11/2014 8:16AM
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