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I have noticed that the line between parent and child gets much, much thinner as both mom and I get older.  My mother mentioned the other day that she went to Wal-Mart to pick up a prescription, and since it was a nice cool day she decided to take her little dog Maggie with her.  Leaving Maggie in the car she ran in for her prescription.  After paying out she started looking for her car keys and couldn't find them!  She went back to the pharmacy and looked, asked around, and finally decided she might have to call me to go get the extra key so she could get into her car. 

However, when she got back to her car she found the keys in the ignition, the car was running and Maggie was sitting in the drivers seat waiting for her!  Now, I have always said my mother has a Guardian Angel that really works overtime for her but this is ridiculous!!  It is so strange to think that back when I was starting to drive she warned me about doing just this very thing! 

Mom always keeps a Garmin on her dashboard because she has been known to get lost... in Midland!  Last night she pointed out that her nice, soft turtleneck had been itching her neck all day.  As she was getting ready for bed she realized she had worn it backwards all day and it was the tag that was itching her throat.
Fortunately, mom has kept her sense of humor!  She is also still sharp as a tack when it comes to so many other things.

But that line is getting thinner and I am beginning to think she wants to be an irresponsible teenager again.  And that's fine, as long as she doesn't lace up the old roller skates and go back to her car-hop days!  My mother on roller skates would even be beyond her Guardian Angel's capabilities!

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12/06/2012 10:53AM
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