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Breaking news everybody!

My entire life when I've thought of west Texas, or movie westerns, or the west in general I've always thought of tumbleweeds. Tumbleweeds have always been that stereotypical example of a place... Like swamps in Louisiana or Camels in Egypt. But I just found out during a random googling session that not only are Tumbleweeds not from the West... they aren't even from America!

Tumbleweeds (and apparently there are several kinds) originated in Europe.  They were brought to America accidently in shipments of seeds to South Dakota. South Dakota! Is South Dakota even a real place?  Tumbleweeds expanded south and west in the late 1800s and early 1900s... so that means every western or pioneer movie that had tumbleweeds in it is a bold faced liar. 
Here's the Wikipedia article if you want everything you knew in life to be rocked to its core:

I need to go lay down or take a nap or something because my whole life is a lie.

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03/07/2013 10:55AM
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