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I have never considered asking guests to take their shoes off at the door.  However, I was watching a "Selling New York" episode on HGTV last week that featured a woman who was a real stickler for leaving shoes at the door.  They treated it as a kind of strange quirk this woman had and humored her.  But I have done some research and I have to say...take your shoes off!
Keeping your shoes off inside does keep your house cleaner...and healthier!  In a study by a University of Arizona microbiologist, various bacteria, including E. coli, were found on 96% of shoes tested!  Gross!  When I think about how much time babies spend on the floor it makes me shudder!  What is interesting to me is that 40% of people already ask guests to remove their shoes.  I used to think it was crazy that Mike's sister had a garage full of shoes because that is where her and her three boys always took them off and put them on.  There are no shoes in her closet, they are ALL in the garage.  She has been doing this for over 20 years!  And I have to say, her carpets are always clean.

03/13/2013 8:00AM
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