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Our little Jack Rotten Terrier, Sadie, is fascinated with squirrels.  In fact, you only have to say the word "squirrel" and she will run to the back door and start barking.

We have a live oak in the back yard that hangs over our bedroom roof.  And we have always had squirrels that come and go from that tree.  But now we have an expectant lady squirrel that has taken up residence in the birdhouse that is attached to the fence.  And she KNOWS that she is driving Sadie crazy.  I would swear she knows! 

This weekend we spent a lot of time in our room because we had painters in all the other rooms painting ceilings.  So we got the opportunity to witness the squirrel/Sadie dynamic.  She will come down the tree to a branch that is right outside our french doors and look in, shake her tail and "chitter" at Sadie, who is sitting by that window just watching for her!  Sadie will talk to the squirrel in some high-pitched half bark/half whine until we let her out.  The squirrel will then run up onto the roof and laugh, I swear, LAUGH at Sadie as she goes crazy barking at her!

And if the curtains are closed, that squirrel will run back and forth over our roof, driving Sadie crazy!  Needless to say, it is ALL driving us crazy.  That squirrel needs to have her babies so she has something else to occupy her time!

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02/11/2013 7:45AM
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