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I don't know if you noticed this or not but over the next year there are an amazing amount of amazing movies coming out. I obviously haven't seen any of them yet but I am going to call them amazing based on their trailers. Since just Thanksgiving we seem to going through a Movie Trailer Renaissance... a Trailerssance if you will. At least a half dozen upcoming mega movie blockbusters have released Trailers recently and every single one of them set new standards for what a Trailer should be. If you haven't watched them yet you're in luck because I've embedded the best ones below.

Let's start with arguably the biggest teaser trailer ever... it's been viewed over 60 million times since it was released on Black Friday... Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

New Lightsaber! Scary Storm Troopers! X-Wings flying over water! Was there a plot? No. Was there any character information? No. Am I more excited to see this movie next Christmas than I am about breathing oxygen? Yes.

Next up, a reboot/sequel/Paleontologist dreamscape... Jurassic World aka "If Disney World had Dinosaurs"

This next trailer was technically released before Thanksgiving but only because an unfinished copy was leaked online so Disney decided to release the full HD version early. It also wins the award for greatest franchise synergy because the song that is in the background is from Pinocchio but this particular cover will give you nightmares about robotic puppets.. It's the Avengers: Age of Ultron Trailer

My 4th and final favorite recent trailer broke the mold of what a trailer should be. It's not a series of clips, it doesn't contain any graphics... it doesn't even have a voiceover. It's just one really intense uncut scene from the movie that gets you completely captivated in less than two minutes. American Sniper directed by Clint Eastwood.

Do you have a favorite trailer I left out? Let me know!
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This weekend I came down with the flu, and several days later it is still kicking my butt. This flu is basically Chuck Norris.

I have pretty bad allergies and come down with sinus stuff somewhat regularly, but those times I feel slightly bad for a day or two at most, take some over the counter drugs and feel fine. Not with this flu. With this flu I woke up Saturday morning and couldn't get out of bed for over 48 hours except to make soup and get more fluids. Speaking of fluids... I sweat so much. I cannot understate just how much sweating was going on.

Plus crazy muscle aches, headaches, noseaches, all the aches. I went through several large boxes of tissues and two twelve packs of sprite and gatorade. Seriously it was a lot of sweat. But it all could have been avoided if I had gotten a flu shot. But I didn't. The sickest I've been in years because for some reason I didn't think a super easy transmittable disease that literally everybody gets wouldn't come near me. I'm dumb, don't be dumb like me.

I even googled where to get flu shots for you.
Flu Shots in Midland
Flu Shots in Odessa

And if you still think of flu shots like this...

You could end up like this...
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"The Dawn of Orion, and a New Era of American Space Exploration"

Friday morning was the first launch of NASA's new spacecraft "Orion" and 4 hours and 24 minutes later it landed safely in the Pacific Ocean in what people way smarter than me are calling a perfect test flight. And thanks to the power of the internet you can watch it take off AND watch it land. Launch happens right before the minute mark:

"The Dawn of Orion, and a New Era of American Space Exploration" talk about getting goosebumps. That epic line was spoken by Rob Navias the NASA Mission Control Commentator and winner of the best job title in history. He also throws out another golden line during the splash down video at around the 1:30 mark. "There's your new spacecraft, America"

Now that the first Test Flight is complete NASA begins the next part of the Orion Mission, which is eventually to take the first humans to Mars and other deep space awesomeness like landing on an asteroid. Meanwhile here in West Texas the Midland International Air and Space Port (even though I still think it should be called the Midland INTERPLANETARY Air and Space Port) will be offering commercial flights to Earth's Orbit and potentially the International Space Station within the next few years. We are living in the future.
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How about some Christmas games? Yes? Yes. I've found two Christmas games that are both pretty simple yet at the same time crazy complicated. In the first one all you have to do is light up a christmas tree... I played for longer than I cared to admit and didn't even light up half. In the second game you play as Santa jumping to get presents and candy canes (Protip: Catch them with your hand, not your head.) Also Santa makes some pretty adorable sounds... so be ready for that.

Play more online Christmas games!

Play more online Christmas games!

Merry Christmas!
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So I came across a short 35 second video on YouTube recently and it has already become my new favorite.  I don't want to ruin anything but it sets up a mystery then it quickly resolves itself.  Do yourself a favor and watch it and meet me below the video to recap.


What just happened?   Do you need to watch it again?  That's okay, I've probably watched it a few hundred times by now.  Let's break this down. 

A building is on fire.  How did the fire start?  OH... this guy did it, he just casually admits it to the News Team.  This leaves us so many unanswered questions... did the reporter go up and ask him his thoughts on the fire and he just thought it would be cool to confess?  Did he just go up to the reporter and volunteer this information?  He is standing IN THE MIDDLE of a bunch of cops and firefighters all "I set the fire" like.  Dude bro sets a building on fire... goes and GETS A DRINK... comes back and is all like "Oh is that whole fire thing still going on?  Yea that was me"  Super casual. If you are going to commit arson, I feel like being super casual about it is the best way to go.

Speaking of the cops... how amazing is that reaction? Arsonist points to the building, "I set it on fire,"  The cop does an honest to goodness double-take then just stares at him in disbelief.  They then arrest him.  Case Closed.  35 seconds.  

And to make you feel better I did some googling and found out that nobody was injured in the fire, and the guy set the fire to bring attention to the terrible living conditions in the area.  He had tried to bring it up to the cops many times before but nobody paid attention before the fire. 
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