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The Band Perry headlined an event to celebrate the delivery of Air New Zealand's first ever Boeing Dreamliner Tuesday at the plant near Seattle. Their performance took place next to the giant airliner which I hear is made of carbon fiber, making it 20 percent more fuel-efficient than aluminum planes.

Taylor Swift Out With Steven Spielberg

Taylor Swift was seen out Monday night with Steven Spielberg and family at East Hampton Grill. She and Steven were in deep conversation the entire time. They first met at a Beverly Hills charity gala when his wife Kate Capshaw invited Taylor and her friends to join them.

Shania's Ready to Get Back on the Road

After a decade-long break from the road, Shania's ready to get back. Once her Vegas contract ends, she'll start thinking about a tour, maybe even as early as next spring.

Keith Urban + Scotty McCreery Perform Tomorrow AM

Tomorrow Keith Urban performs on Good Morning America and Scotty McCreery'son FOX & Friends.
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Tyler Farr recently went squirrel hunting and says, "if the world comes to an end, I don't want to rely on anyone but me to eat." He says he'll also have a teepee.
Brett Eldredge comes from Paris, Illinois, population 9,000. He says, "there are cornfields and cow pastures and a lake in the middle and it never changes, that's what I love about it."
As for her life with Blake, Miranda says, "we're happy and normal. We do laundry, go to the grocery store and live the middle-of-nowhere Oklahoma so we can get away from it all."

Florida Georgia Line Perform on LIVE with Kelly & Michael

Florida Georgia Line perform their new single 'Dirt' today on LIVE with Kelly & Michael. The guys have also launched the Dirt Campaign to benefit Habitat for Humanity and they hope to raise $100,000 for the home builders through fan donations.

Last week Garth said it was five shows or none at all in Dublin, Ireland and when negotiations with city officials fell flat; Garth was true to his word and he's now cancelled all five shows.
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Happy 53rd birthday to Toby Keith today.

Taylor Swift Says All Fans Want is a Selfie

Interestingly, Taylor Swift hasn't been asked for an autograph since the invention of the iPhone camera and she says the only memento kids want these days is a selfie.

Buy Dierks Bentley's 'Flock It Forward' Signs

Dierks Bentley's promoting his Miles & Music for Kids motorcycle ride and concert in September by selling 'Riser Bird' yard signs that say 'flock it forward.' All proceeds go to the Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt and you can buy the signs at
Florida Georgia Line set sail Nov. 8-12 aboard the Norwegian Pearl and there are still rooms left! They'll sail from Miami to Nassau and a private island in the Bahamas. The guys perform on board and they'll have a Q & A session as well. Also on board; Thomas Rhett, Tyler Farr, Cole Swindell and more. To buy tickets head to
Tonight, the guys debut their new single, 'Dirt' on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.'Dirt' is the first single off of their sophomore album, due out this fall.
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We've just heard from Garth and Thursday at 11AM CT/9 Pacific he'll have a live stream press conference at about his upcoming world tour.

Shania Twain Gets Her Own Stamp

Five Canadian country singers are getting their own stamp like Shania Twain and Hank Snow but Shania will have the most produced with four million and you can get them starting July 31.

Justin Moore Says People Think He's Nut

Justin Moore grew up in Poyen, Arkansas, population 290, and that's where he lives today with his wife and daughters and baby #3's due any day. Justin says, "people think I'm nuts relocating from Nashville but I want my girls to run through the cow pasture to my parents house and go to school where I went; to just have a normal childhood."

Little Big Town Are 'Friends First'

After 15 years together, Little Big Town's Jimi Westbrook notes the band are "friends first" and says, "we take care of each other, especially living in such close quarters. We are respectful and we communicate." The band also now has two buses these days.

Garth Says 'The Wait is Over'

Garth says 'the wait is over' and he's making a big announcement today about his upcoming three-year world tour.
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Brad Paisley played Toronto last night and tweeted, "oh Canada. I love your Monopoly money, Cuban cigar smokin,' Tim Horton's lovin' hearts."

Zac Brown Says, 'We've Finished Procreating'

Zac Brown and his wife have five kids now and the last child, his only son was born May 5. Zac says, "we've finished procreating! We've done our share."

Frankie Ballard Does His Own Tattoo in High Schoo

In high school Frankie Ballard tattooed his baseball jersey number on his shoulder with a wire coat hanger and a lighter.

Miranda Lambert on Why She Decided to Lose Weight

Miranda Lambert said she decided to lose weight after seeing herself in tabloids with four chins and she also asked Blake why he didn't tell her she was chunky. He said because he didn't want to get punched in the face.

Zac Brown Goes Spear Fishing With Eric Church

When Zac Brown went spear fishing recently with Eric Church in Destin, Florida, they caught a sting ray. It was Eric's first time out and Zac says a sting ray's so heavy in the water; it can easily drown a person. Zac loves spear fishing so much because it involves both hunting and the ocean.
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Brett Eldredge ‏tweets, "I hated playing defense in soccer when I was a little kid and if the team was really bad, I'd pick dandelions and throw mud at people."
Keith Urban's worst stage blunder started with an idea to do a song in the dark at the piano using only candles, but when Keith went to do it he couldn't see the keys. Then his roadie had to run out with a flashlight cause Keith couldn't find the mic. He says, "we probably should've rehearsed it."
When asked which of his three daughters can sing Tim McGraw said all of them but he joked that before they go into in music, he'd really like them to have a doctorate in front of their name.

Miranda Lambert's Cut Her Hair

Miranda Lambert's cut her hair in a little longer than a chin-length bob with her bangs off to the side and it looks adorable! Speaking of Miranda, she thinks it's about time she and Blake go out on the road together and says, "there would be nothing better than being able to hang out with my husband on tour."
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Finally - Forbes just released their Celebrity 100 list where they rank stars from movies, TV, music, sports and more based on their money and their fame. Taylor Swift was at #18, Toby Keith #51 and Kenny Chesney's the only other country star on the list at # 71.
Dierks Bentley sings the theme song for Biker Battleground Phoenix, a new series premiering tonight on the History channel.

Kenny Chesney's New Album Out September 23

Kenny Chesney's video for 'American Kids' is out and now he's confirmed the album it's on, 'The Big Revival,' will be in stores September 23. Alison Krauss will guest on the record as well.

Tim McGraw Says Tabloid Reports Are Form of Child Abuse

Tim McGraw says weekly tabloid reports that he and Faith are getting divorced really makes him mad because his children see those stories too. Tim says, "it's a form of child abuse and these people should be accountable for it."

Blake Shelton Makes History

Blake Shelton just made history with his latest #1, 'My Eyes.' It's his 12th consecutive chart-topper so he now has the most back-to-back number-ones in monitored country airplay history.
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