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In this day and age of TMZ, photoshopped magazine covers, and publicity team run twitter feeds it seems harder than ever to figure out what your favorite celebrities are really like.  That's why I like the backstage rider, that list of rules that performers give to concert venues about what they want backstage and how they want it.  It's the most honest and hilarious way to know a celebrities quirks and habits.  Here are some of my favorites I've ever come across.

Taylor Swift - Taylor Swift is apparently really that adorable and as low maintenance as a record breaking world touring celebrity can get. On her last tour her rider was separated by days: Saturday is spaghetti day (Ragu sauce is fine). Thursday is twizzler day, and Friday is dill pickles.  But she always wants a grande iced caramel latte from Starbucks regardless of the day, I would have gone with vente but to each their own.

Reba McEntire - low maintenance but with a twist.  Assorted sodas and bottled waters but they must be arranged "in an overall pleasing presentation"

Some Riders are a bit more revealing.
Alabama - Apparently will not perform if an animal is found backstage the day of the show

Keith Urban - Two breakfasts for before and after workouts... no grams of fat just steamed vegetables and chicken

Justin Bieber - for those that care he's a bit germ conscious.  The food for the Bieb must be covered in plastic wrap and there must always be purell hand sanitizer backstage.

Some are just good ol' boys

Johnny Cash - There must always be an American Flag backstage.

Toby Keith -  a 12 pack of Newcastle ale for after the show for him and his band.

Some are just hilarious -

Brad Paisley - just continuously makes up fake brands and imaginary items to freak out the venue

and my personal favorite:
Steve Martin - while doing his banjo/bluegrass tour this was on his rider: six-packs of canned beverages (“for Steve to compare his abs to”); 12 coconuts, hollowed and split in two (“for the musicians’ bras”); one whole roasted chicken (“for Steve to use as a dancing puppet”)

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03/20/2013 10:26AM
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