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Here is just a quick recap of how Festus has been doing since I adopted him from Lonestar Sanctuary.  Festus is still the bestus. He has been taking training lessons and can sit and stay with the best of them.  But last night I discovered his secret… my dog is a hoarder.  That’s right a hoarder… every dog owners worst nightmare.  It had started small.  He would take a treat and hide it instead of eating it.  Usually he would try to bury it in my bed sheets or in the crack of the couch.  I never really minded because half the time it was adorable and the other half it was really really adorable.  

But last night I found his stash.  It all started when he brought me a crusty piece of bread from the end of a Subway Sandwich, a piece of bread I had given him almost two weeks ago.  Needless to say I was confused.  Why did this still exist, where had it been, was time travel involved?  It turns out he had been hiding little things in this tiny space under a table between my couch and the wall.  Snugged neatly between a duffel bag of extraneous sound equipment and some throw pillows that I don’t know why I own he had a treasure cove.  In this little nook I found several stale treats, his favorite toy I thought I lost a month ago, a chewed rib bone, a sock,  and whole bunch green cotton from the inside of another toy he had torn up. It was like a little gremlin nest.  This was his face when I made the discovery. 

"not cool bro"

I wasn’t even mad, I was actually impressed.  Also extremely motivated to clean more.  We are currently writing the pilot for a doggie hoarders reality show.

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08/13/2013 12:28PM
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