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Every Wednesday Beth from Lone Star Sanctuary for Animals brings a pet in to Mike and Dana in the hopes they will get adopted.  Exactly one year ago she didn't have to try that hard because she brought in Festus the Bestus and I pretty much adopted him before he could could leave the studio.  Even though it doesn't even seem like a year (and really I'm only sure it is because I set the date on my phone as a yearly event)  I couldn't be happier with my best bud, and I couldn't be happier with Lone Star Sanctuary for bringing him into my life.  Festus had been abandoned out in the oil fields, luckily an oil field worker heard his cries and brought him to Lone Star.  Even though Lone Star was completely full, Festus was so small and pitiful at the time they couldn't turn him away.  They nursed him back to health and within a few weeks brought him into the studio, and the rest is history.  In fact through the power of the internet here is the video Mike made that day (he has since grown into his ears):


Adopt your own Festus at Lone star Sanctuary for Animals over at 4200 N. Fairgrounds Road in Midland.  They are open 1pm to 5pm every day except for Thursday.  And if you already have enough pets you can always volunteer!  Call (432) 683-7387 for more info. 

But enough words... how about some pictures! 

Here is Festus asking me what the heck is happening during Game of Thrones

Festus has Hetechromia aka one brown eye and one blue eye (try staring at that every night before bed)

Here is Festus straight up being Mufasa lording over his kingdom on our tiny patio

And here is Festus becoming a meme:

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06/18/2014 9:58AM
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