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I don't get sick too often, or I'm constantly a little sick.  I'm never really sure.  I've always had allergies that have given me problems but usually a dose of clariton or zyrtec keeps them at bay.  But every once in a while I'll come down with something a little more serious, and that's what I've been dealing with the past few days.  Yes I've got a wee bit of a cold but I think I'm on the upward swing of it.  I always take the same steps when I start to get sick and I think they seem to work so I thought I'd share them to give you ideas when you catch a cold.

I stay uber hydrated, I already drink a lot of water during the day but I've at least doubled my normal amount.  Plus a whole lot of sprite and gatorade.  I really take the throwaway medical advice "drink plenty of fluids" to heart

Spicy soup.  I made some chicken noodle soup for myself but I add a lot of pepper and Tabasco sauce.  The spiciness helps clear out my sinuses and whatever vague toxins I think I might have (This might work only in my head, but I'm a firm believer in mind over matter)

NyQuil.  The motto in my family when I was growing up was "take some NyQuil and go to bed"  I'm pretty sure my dad thinks a NyQuil induced coma could fix a broken arm if it needed to.  If nothing else it helps break a fever and lets you get into deeper sleep faster so I still take copious amounts every time I'm sick. 

Hopefully I'll be fully back up to speed soon, but really I'm just glad I haven't sneezed on-air yet.

05/01/2013 11:27AM
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