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I was lucky enough to head to Dallas this weekend and participate in the amazing event known as the Color Run. 

If you aren't familiar with what the Color Run it's a 5k running event with a twist.  Periodically throughout the run you get blasted with a powdered paint so by the end of the course you are completely covered in various colors.  It is by far one of the most fun things I've ever done.  If that doesn't sound fun than you are probably put off by one or both of two things.  Running 5k, and/or getting doused in paint.

The term "running" should be used loosely when talking about the Color Run, and it is by no means required.  You can walk the whole thing if you want.  I saw moms and dads with strollers and small children having a great time.  I even saw a group of guys walk off for a smoke break halfway through the course.  So if you've ever even remotely considered doing a running event The Color Run is a great start.  

As for the paint, they must have done some extensive testing because it barely registered.  My face was covered with multiple layers of the powder and I could barely feel it.  I even got a big portion in my mouth (mostly because I ran through some of the paint throwing stations roaring like a Viking) and other than feeling a little grainy was completely fine.

The runs happen throughout the year across the country.  Each run benefits a local charity.  The one in Dallas that I did benefited the American Heart Association of Dallas and since there were over 10,000 people running... I'm sure it was quite the boon.

Check out their Website for more info.

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04/08/2013 3:05PM
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