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This morning I decided to treat myself for breakfast and go to McDonalds before coming in to work.  I wouldn't normally do this but until I go grocery shopping beef jerky and frozen pizza isn't the most fulfilling breakfast. I was under the assumption that it would be a quick trip through the drive through, pick up an egg mcmuffin and coffee, and be on my way in lickety split.  That assumption was wrong.

Firstly the drive-thru line was a dozen cars deep, but that just seems like the new norm around Midland that I just need to get used too.  The blog worthy event happened when the guy in front of me ordered 50 SAUSAGE BURRITOS. 50 BURRITOS! At McDonalds! In the Drive-Thru!

Who does that? Why wouldn't you just go inside? Can you call ahead and order at McDonalds? Does McDonalds do catering now? How badly does the cook hate the drive-thru guy? Is society crumbling?

All these questions and more were racing through my head as I felt my morning slip away from me, but thank heaven for small mercys. They had the burrito king pull up and wait instead of taking up valuable drive-thru space.  But I could hear the people scrambling in the background as I pulled up to order.  This is where instead of ordering the classic mcmuffin I decided to indulge in a little first world anarchy: "Yes I would like one sausage burrito please"

And several minutes later when I finally had my single burrito and burrito king was still waiting I held my burrito up in salute as I drove past.  He may have ruined my morning... but that burrito sure was tasty.

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03/05/2013 12:11PM
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03/05/2013 4:59PM
too funny
same thing happened to me at the KFC in Odessa a few days back! glad they got the burrito king out of your way!!
03/19/2013 7:57PM
DR fan
The Burrito King could not enjoy the tastiness of your only burrito by the time he's chowing down on his 31st burrito!
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