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Fun fact about me, I love Tabasco sauce.  I put it on pretty much everything and it always works.  Eggs? check. Sandwiches? you know it.  Steak? Chicken? Vegetables? you name it and Tabasco sauce makes it better.  I enjoy it so much that when a documentary all about Tabasco sauce popped up on TV this weekend I had to watch it.  What I didn't know until then was just how interesting and cool Tabasco sauce and the McIlhenny Company that makes it could be. 

I didn't know that the creator of Tabasco, Edmund McIlhenny, made the original batch out of some peppers he bought off a random traveler.  It was so delicious he planted the remaining seeds on Avery Island off the coast of Louisiana so he could make more.  And over 100 years later every bottle of Tabasco is made from peppers descended from that original batch.  I never even knew there was an island involved with Tabasco even though it is right there on the label.  I look at that label almost every single day!!! Clearly I am not observant. Tabasco is still owned by the McIlhenny Family and they still own Avery Island, where every pepper seed in Tabasco originated.

Tabasco has been a part of military rations since World War II.  Astronauts used it on the Space Shuttle and there are several bottles aboard the International Space Station.  Air Force One has bottles with the Presidential Seal and it is an official supplier to the Queen of England and the Royal Family.  That's right, even the Royal Baby gets a little taste of USA made Tabasco.

I forget what the original point of this post was... I just really like Tabasco

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07/29/2013 2:43PM
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