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I really needed a laugh today, and luckily I found it with this video. It has all the necessary ingredients for humor: A guy with a British Accent, an adorable soulful eyed dog, and a spaghetti and meatball eating competition between the two. Who will be the victor? Man or adorable beast? Will they recreate the spaghetti scene from Lady and the Tramp? (Spoiler Alert: yes they do)

Apparently this is just one of a series of food type challenges, some with the dog, but most are just a group of British guys eating weird weird stuff. All of their videos are on their YouTube Channel. Be warned, the "Vomit Alert" in some of those titles means exactly what you think it means.
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Yes that picture above is Waylon Jennings holding both locks of Willie Nelson's braids, apparently Willie gave them to Waylon as a sobriety gift back in the 80s, and now they can be yours! The museum that owns Waylon's music memorabilia collection is auctioning it all off later this year. It is over 2,000 pieces that Waylon collected throughout his life including some really awesome things like boots owned by Hank Williams:

and this awesome motorcycle that belonged to Buddy Holly (Waylon was the bassist for Buddy Holly on his final tour)

But let's be honest, no matter who owned the boots or motorcycle... owning Willie Nelson's braids would top it all.
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Taylor Swift is amazingly adorable, I think we can all agree on that. She names kittens after random female leads on television shows, she does watercolor paintings of flowers. But this weekend she may have topped the cuteness chart when she showed up at Boston Children's Hospital to sing for and hang out with a young boy with cancer. It was just her, her guitar, and one super excited fan. Check out the video and be prepared to feel feels.

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This is an artichoke:

You can eat them.  I always thought they were a vegetable but apparently they are a thistle.  You can grill them, boil them etc etc.... but if you let them grow they flower... and an artichoke flower looks like this:

This is all I know about artichokes.
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So a friend of mine posted on Facebook "Why do Giraffe's have horns?"  And my first response was "Giraffes have horns? What?"  And then I looked at a picture of a Giraffe... and they do!  kinda...   Here is another picture of a Giraffe head as a refresher. 

So those things on its head kind of look almost like horns!  And they almost kind of are horns!  I went to the internet and Wikipedia told me they are called Ossicones and are actually more like stubby little antlers than horns.  Giraffes don't use them for anything anymore, but they aren't hurting anything either so they just are just there... being Ossicones.  But the ancestors of Giraffes did have crazy horned antlers as this skeleton shows

Then somewhere down the line they decided leaves looked more delicious than grass so they went the long neck route and the antlers went the way of slap bracelets and pet rocks.  So if you ever thought about Giraffes as long-necked horses... they are actually just long-necked deer. 

And that is your fun fact about Giraffes

P.S.  I got all these photos from the Giraffe Wikipedia page which you should definitely check out if for whatever reason you want to learn more about giraffes... but the last photo on the page talks about giraffes being exported all over the world in the olden times and they have a drawing of a Giraffe during the Ming Dynasty in China and it made me chuckle:

that guy is like "Dude, what is this?"  He is probably even wondering why the thing has horns... but you and I both know they aren't horns... they are ossicones.
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