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Apparently I need to just start wearing flip flops all the time because the relationship between socks and I is getting worse every day.  If you remember from last week I had conveniently left the majority of my socks 5 hours away at my folks place. After what was left of my sock supply was depleted I bit the bullet and went to wal mart and waited in the lines to get some more.  Crisis over right? That's what I thought until yesterday. Laundry day.

This is what happened:

WHAAAAAATT?!?!?!?  How is this even possible? It defies all known science! And it was just this one sock, everything else was fine.  You would think that it was just this one random occurrence would be better than it happening to all my clothes but you'd be wrong.  If it happened to everything it would be simple... Dryer was too hot, I'm terrible at laundry, funny story, move on. But it was just this one sock... and why it was just one has been eating itself into my brain. 

Was this sock just defective like that?
Did space and time rip open and the laws of physics change during the dry cycle?
Is their some evil mastermind at my apartment complex that throws tiny socks into dryers just to mess with people?

If this has ever happened to anybody else please let me know... I am freaking out over here.

03/15/2013 1:03PM
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