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Something wierd happened today.  I had a Dr. Pepper and it wasn't the most delicious thing I'd ever tasted... which is the exact opposite of normal.  I'm a bit (read: enormous) Dr. Pepper fan... to the extent I have multiple articles of clothing, posters, even my bike and helmet covered in Dr. Pepper colors and logos.  In college my parents would ship me the pure cane sugar Dr. Pepper because I couldn't get it where I lived.  So when I say I'm a fan... I'm the fan. 

But the weird thing about a job where you're talking a lot is you drink a lot of water.  So much water that I carry a water bottle pretty much everywhere.  I haven't had a soft drink in weeks... the longest span since my parents said "Here Derrick, have this soft drink, it definitely won't cause a years long all consumming addiction" 

The end result is that I've lost a few pounds (always a bonus), I'm always hydrated (I don't know what the benefit of that is but scientists say it's a good thing) And I'm more likely to go somewhere healthier to eat since my brain isn't constantly searching for that sweet sweet 23 flavored nectar.

So if you're trying to kick that soda habit know that it can be done.  I'm still going to wear my Dr. Pepper underwear though... they're just so comfortable!

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03/18/2013 3:09PM
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