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Last night was the greatest event in Television History... Sharknado.  It was a made for TV movie that premiered on the SyFy network.  Sharknado is about Sharks... in Tornadoes... a Sharknado if you will.  

The premise is simple, a hurricane hits Los Angeles for the first time in History, and a bunch of Tornadoes suck up Sharks from the ocean and send them flying all over the city causing mayhem and destruction... as sharks are want to do. 

The rest of this blog post is pretty SPOILER HEAVY so continue only if you don't mind the future Academy Award winning Sharknado ruined for you. 

I'm not a scientist or a marine biologist or anything so I had no idea sharks could do some of the things they do in this movie...

things like land on top of a car from a tornado, survive, and eat its way through the top causing the car to explode.

climb up a rope by chewing it to the top of a bridge

survive flying around the inside of a tornado for what appears to be the better part of a day

But fins down the best part has to be where one of the main characters sees a Great White Shark flying towards him, and instead of moving a few feet to the left or right to avoid it (because sharks can't actually fly) he grabs a CHAINSAW and jumps INTO the Shark! Ripping it open from the inside out.  Epic.

There is also a "subplot" about throwing bombs into the tornado to stop them from spinning, because science.

If you do one thing this weekend, do something really productive like learn a new skill or read a good book (or listen to KICKS99.1) but if you do two things this weekend... watch Sharknado.

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07/12/2013 10:55AM
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