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I think we women would be happier if we just stopped expecting over-the-top romantic gestures from our men.  For instance:  I have always wanted Mike to arrange for the baby sitter, pack our overnight bags and whisk me off for a romantic weekend as a complete surprise.  Never. Happened.
A recent poll reveals that most men believe romance means taking the garbage out, doing the dishes, making the bed…even just remembering to put the toilet seat down!  I believe that asking a man to think up a really big romantic gesture is like asking him to paint like Monet.  He just can’t do it.
So, we need to look at all the small everyday gestures that a man who loves you makes.  For instance… he fixes your cup of coffee exactly like you like it and brings it to you.  He makes you breakfast on the weekends, or goes grocery shopping with you.  Or he sits there with you while you watch “Downton Abbey” even if he hates it, just because he wants to be near you (provided he keeps snarky comments to a minimum!)
If we just learn to look deeper at the little things, the big things don’t matter nearly as much.  The box of candy or bouquet of flowers on Valentine’s Day will stop being “THE” romantic gesture…and just become “A” romantic gesture!  You will find the romance in your relationship EVERY day!

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02/11/2014 8:10AM
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