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I'm a fan of the various martial arts.  Boxing, Mixed Martial Arts, I'm technically a black belt in karate but that was a long time ago and probably had something to do with my dad and godfather being the sensei's more than my own practical fight knowledge... I always had more fun announcing the fights than actually fighting... shocker I know.

But one of the more popular forms of fighting (popular as in Billions of people in Asia follow it and maybe 3 or 4 dudes on the wrong channel in America) is Sumo wrestling.  But if Sumo is anything like this fight, where one 400 pound Sumo Wrestler picks up another 400+ pound Sumo Wrestler and throws him to the ground with such force THE GROUND SHAKES, then I need to start watching it more. 

(WARNING: this video is Extremely loud, so turn your speakers way way down before you play it)

Edit/Update: After watching that video about a dozen times I realized it is from the US Sumo Open, a thing I didn't realize existed.  So I guess more than 4 people from America are into Sumo.  In fact the guy in the video who got ground pounded is from Arizona! Fun fact: General Admission to the US Sumo Open is just $30... I smell a vacation in my near future.  More Sumo stuff here:

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09/17/2013 11:38AM
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