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Officially NUTS!!

Mike has come up with what he thinks is a BRILLIANT idea!!  He is going to take his boys, Adam and Eric, and go snow camping!!  Go up the canyon from the cabin, pitch a tent (in 15 degree weather) and spend the night doing guy things (like freezing their @#*# off)! 

Eric thinks this is a great idea!  Of course, he does this all the time at Fort Riley.  He texted me this morning saying it was 15 degrees with a wind chill of 3 and they were out doing PT!  And he is anxious to show his dad and his brother what he has learned as a 4-4 Cav. Scout sniper.  I am not sure Adam even knows about these nefarious plans for his Christmas vacation. 

I think Mike just wants some time with his boys.  He is surrounded by women now that Eric is in Kansas and he wants some shooting and swearing and burping but he doesn't want that from me (thank God).  In addition to that, Eric spent 6 days in hell this year...also known as Somalia.  Officially, he was escorting a NATO humanitarian aid convoy through Mogadishu.  However, it was a nightmare of an experience that included combat and near death experiences and things no 20 year old American kid should see.  It was also 6 of the longest days we, as parents, have ever experienced.  And for us it was a glimpse of what parents of soldiers go through for months at a time when they are deployed.

So they will go camping for a freezing night and share stories around a campfire and make memories that will last a lifetime (if they survive).  And we girls will stay in the warm cabin, watch chick flicks, drink wine and make memories that will last a lifetime.  And WE will sleep in warm beds!

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12/05/2012 10:44AM
Officially NUTS!!
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