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This weekend I did something I hadn't done in years.  I jumped off a cliff.  A cliff at Possum Kingdom Lake, which is a very deep lake surrounded by cliffs that beg to be jumped recklessly off of.  I used to do this all the time way back in high school, and it was awesome. But back then the water level was more than 10 feet higher than it is now (thanks Texas drought).  So what was once a 10 to 15 ft jump is now about a 25 ft jump.  That ten feet makes all the difference.

I now fully understand the phrase "Terminal Velocity" 

The key to cliff diving is to jump as far out as you can then straighten up so you don't belly, back, or side flop.  I say side flop because that's what I did... twice.  It doesn't feel like you are jumping into a lake... it feels like you jumped onto concrete and then somebody dumped a pool on top of you. 

If you have never experienced cliff diving this is a play by play of the thought process:

"Cliff jumping, sounds awesome let's do it"
"Why am I walking through cacti and sharp rocks to do this..."
"Oh wow we are really high up... why are we doing this"
"I'm an idiot"
"So just run and jump?"
"Oh wow I'm falling through the air this is Awesome!"
"wasn't I supposed to do something to make sure my landing isn't super painful?"
"Am I dead? Did I die? Seriously... I'm pretty sure I'm dead."
"That really really hurt... let's do it again"

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09/03/2013 11:50AM
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09/03/2013 2:59PM
d rock in carlsbad
I did the same thing on a rock that's 50 feet in the air in my home town in new Mexico but I landed on my stomach....ouch is right
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