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I'm probably not alone in thinking Coffee is the single greatest invention in the history of Mankind.  Sure the printing press, combustible engine, and soap were all great ideas... but I'd gladly give all that up and live in a dirty cave in the woods if it meant I could have a cup of joe in the morning. 

However despite my great love of coffee I've never gone overboard with my selection.  I've never ordered anything like an Orange Mocha Frappuccino or any of the thousands of ways you can order coffee at Starbucks and other coffee shops.  I keep it simple.  Black Coffee. Sometimes I add a little bit of sugar if the mood takes me.  The fanciest I'll ever get is an Iced Coffee with sweetener.  

You would think I would be a baristas dream, a simple order that is quick and easy to do... but sadly that is not the case.  They almost always try to add milk or cream or something else to the coffee. Even if they get it right they still look at me weird like how on earth I could enjoy coffee without a blended mint extract or some other add-in.  The worst is the McDonalds "McCafe," which is a great quick and cheap alternative to Starbucks.  But every time I order a black coffee with no sugar or cream.... they always add sugar and cream... sigh... If I wanted to drink sugar milk I'd have ordered some sugar milk.  

For the record/fun fact:  the coffee we make here at the KICKS studio uses twice the recommended amount of coffee grinds... as well it should be (Kudos Mike and Dana... Kudos)

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08/06/2013 11:16AM
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