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We all know that actors are COMPLETELY out of touch with reality.  They live in a bubble, surrounded by people who keep that bubble floating for them until they think it is real life.  Gwyneth Paltrow is one of those completely out of touch actors. 

Gwyneth's "Annual Spring Edit" is out, listing some of her "must-have" clothes, shoes and other items.  Now, bear in mind the times in which we live...the world is mostly broke.  People are losing their homes, life savings, retirement, etc.  But Gwyneth Paltrow is doing just fine, thank you!  Her must-have items include: a $5,485 Valentino python bag; $970 ankle boots, an $850 pair of leather shorts; a $795 iPad case and a $675 t-shirt!  The total list of Gwyneth's "must-have" items amounted to nearly $500,000 dollars!  For most of us a "must-have" luxury is a cup of Starbucks!
I am not saying that she shouldn't have these items.  If she can afford them, more power to her!  I am just wondering if she has any idea who real women are and does she know any?  And even if I were rich, I still wouldn't spend $675 on a t-shirt!

03/26/2013 8:51AM
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