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Moving isn’t anyone’s idea of a good time.  That being said, I have moved so often in my life that I like to think I have gotten pretty good at it.  We are in the middle of some pretty big changes at our house and no small part of that is that everyone is moving!  My mother is moving to Alamogordo, NM this weekend.  My daughter moved to Odessa last weekend.  My son and daughter in law are getting their own place and moving next weekend.  Mike and I will be selling our too-big house and moving into something too small for anyone else to live with us!
Anyway, as I have been packing up my mother’s things, I have been thinking about all the things I have learned about moving in the last (mumble-mumble) years:
  *Buy bubble wrap and boxes.  The extra expense is sooooooo worth it!!
  *If you haven’t seen it, needed it, missed it, or used it in the last year…get rid of       
    It!  Donate…Donate…Donate!!
  *If at all possible, put all the boxes into the garage or one room in your new
    home and unpack one box at a time.  That way you do not have boxes in every
    room that you have to work around,  and that minimizes the chaos.
*Rent a truck and strong guys to move the big stuff.  Do NOT rely entirely on
   friends with pickups.
*Take the time to label boxes really well by contents, room, etc.  That  helps you
   in the un-packing process.

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03/20/2014 7:04AM
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