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You may have noticed the Texas Sage bushes around town are blooming beautifully. I've always heard that the sage is a better rain predictor than any weatherman, so I decided to look into the science behind it. Here's what I found:

Texas sage (Leucophyllum frutescens), also known as Texas ranger and cenizo, produces silvery-gray foliage and ½- to 1-inch, bell-shaped, light purple flowers. Texas sage most often blooms after summer showers and does bloom repeatedly in waves from spring through fall, especially after rains moisten the soil. (homeguide - texas sage)

Hmmmm, that says AFTER a rain... back to google.

Officially known as Leucophyllum frutescens, Barometer Bush is a tough, desert-loving plant native to Texas and Mexico. Resistant to drought, foraging deer, freezes, high winds, salt spray and blazing heat, its foliage has the soft, grayish appearance of some salvias or Dusty Miller. The blossoms, ranging in color from pink to lavender, tend to appear in times of high humidity or after rain has left the soil damp and pliable – hence the name, Barometer Bush.

Because suddenly rising humidity often precedes rain in arid or semi-arid climates, the sage can be tempted to bloom just as suddenly before a rain. Depending on the degree of drought, the excitement over its flowering can be palpable.

Ah, now I get it! Bloom on Barometer bush, bloom on!

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How's this for a "class project?" Three students at MIT hacked an ice cream maker & a 3-d printer to "print" ice cream into a star. Whoa! Technology is awesome. Here's the full story "We scream for ice cream."

This video is of one of the failed attempts:

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This story has gone viral the last couple of days, but I refuse to look at it. Based on the comments from my friends on Facebook, it's a tear-jerker. Click at your own risk. I tried to warn you. Meet Duke Roberts

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More than once, I've heard someone say "everything happens for a reason." It's really hard to accept that when something bad happens. Sunday my family saw first hand that it's true. Had there been a 5 minute (either way) difference in travel time, things for another family could have ended up very differently... I thank the BIG GUY that a flight got delayed & that two teenegers decided to hang out with silly parents watching a show about the 90's. Those teeneagers ended up being in the wrong place at the absolute right time to help when help was needed. They gave the help that was needed and for that, I am eternally proud & grateful.

Every moment counts. Always remember that.

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