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You know what’s awesome? Space is Awesome.  I’m not talking about the space around you where you have so much room to do activities.  I’m talking about outer space. The Final Frontier.

I still have a childhood dream of going to Outer Space, and to see the Earth from that rare perspective of looking down at it and not looking up from it.  Did you know it’s been over 40 years since humans have landed on the moon?  The coolest thing I’ve seen a Space Shuttle do in my lifetime is get towed by a Toyota to a museum.

To Infinity! And... slightly down the street...

I grew up on Star Wars and Star Trek, which has given me extremely unrealistic expectations on what Space Travel can be.  I know we are not going to travel through wormholes or blow up a death star anytime soon.  We have the international Space Station which is super cool but it’s not exactly inspiring.  Let’s mine an asteroid, or start a station on the moon, or have a manned mission to Mars. NASA has given us super soft mattresses, freeze dried ice cream, and pens that write upside down… who knows what else they have up their sleeve.   If not NASA than somebody, there is a company that is taking applications to help build a colony on Mars in ten years, you can apply yourself or check out applicant videos over at their website: . Heck James Cameron researched and financed the deep Ocean exploration so much after Titanic he was actually the first person to reach the deepest part of the Ocean in decades, wouldn’t it be awesome if Steven Speilberg or Tom Hanks did the same for space after Apollo 13.  A century from now Tom Hanks could be remembered as the first person on Mars, and who also did some acting before that.

Mars is like a box of Chocolates, really red and no oxygen... or something.
Let’s make this happen science!

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05/06/2013 11:13AM
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