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I wrote yesterday about the crazy weekend we had at the cabin.  Today, I write about the lessons learned from that weekend.  First, newest isn't always bestest!  I bought "chains" for our 4 wheel drive Tundra so that we could get up the steep 100 yard slope to our cabin in the snow.  I did my research.  All the reviews said these "chains" were easy to put on and worked perfectly.  They were neither.  We parked at the bottom of the hill after many attempts to go up.  The "chains" were broken and worthless.  They were really cables with metal rings on them and they were really complicated to put on.  They went into the dumpster on Sunday!

While we were struggling with our truck we stood aside to watch a neighbor with REAL chains on all four tires just drive up the hill without sliding even once!  So, when I got home on Sunday I ordered real, old fashioned tire chains.  Lesson learned.

Second, we rarely go to the cabin without taking some stuff with us.  Groceries, canned goods, dishes, furniture, etc.  This time it was all those things!  We decided to replace an old recliner with a chair and ottoman (my preferance over a recliner) and we had it with us in the truck.  So, on Saturday we had to get that chair up the hill.  During that difficult and exhausting process it actually struck me that Mike and I are not spring chickens anymore.  At 8000 feet the air is thin and catching your breath is tough!  I actually worried that one or both of us could have a heart attack right there on the hill below our cabin!

So, I have resolved to get into better shape.  I have also decided that whatever furniture is at the cabin, stays there and we will add no more to it!  This was the SECOND piece of furniture that we have humped up that hill in the snow over the last 5 years.  The first was a couch that is NEVER leaving the cabin!

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01/09/2013 10:07AM
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