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It is amazing what you can learn to live with…and without!  STILL in the middle of renovating our house to put it on the market, we are living in a bedroom.  Granted, it is a big bedroom but it is still one room in a house that is almost 4000 square feet!  The rest of the house is covered in dust, tools, a few sticks of furniture, and did I mention dust?
My family makes fun of the fact that I am a compulsive housekeeper.  Everything has its place and everything needs to be clean and beautiful.  So imagine my stress level about now!  Every now and then, during this long process, I have picked up a broom and tried to tidy up.  A really pointless waste of time. 
However, the up side is that I have learned to live without so much STUFF!  I really like living a pared down existence.  I even like living in a much smaller space.  People keep asking if I am going to miss living in this big house that will be so much more gorgeous when we put it on the market than it ever was while we lived in it!  I have to say, no.  Mike and I agree that the big house stage of our lives is over.  We are empty nesters and it is time to live smaller.  At least, too small for the kids to move back in!

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05/19/2014 7:11AM
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