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I saw a picture of Carrie Fisher this morning and I did not recognize her.  She lost some weight and looked terrific in photos after that but now she has "had some work done" and looks NOTHING like herself anymore.  It makes me wonder when enough is enough?

Carrie is not the first one to go under the knife to look younger.  Dolly, Tanya Tucker, Marie Osmond, Carole Burnette, Reba and many, many more.  The problem is, when do you say enough?  When it makes you nearly un-recognizable!  Tanya Tucker's surgeon made her look like someone else entirely.  Dolly has had one too many now but she has a really talented surgeon for sure!!  Reba has had some work done but still looks like herself so now is the time for her to say STOP!  And some I will not mention (Kenny Rogers) just look like clowns!

Then there are the lovely women who have let themselves age gracefully.  Diane Keaton, Jamie Lee Curtis,  Loretta Lynn, Meryl Streep, Martina McBride and others.  I cannot begin to imagine the pressure the women in Hollywood feel when they want a role meant for a woman of 30 and they are 50.  Shaving a few years off your face can mean losing the face you, and everyone else, knows.  And there is a point when they can't add any more soft focus without being completely blurry, when you have to face it...you are aging.
So, no matter what age you are, I recommend laughing.  Laugh at yourself, laugh with others, laugh at the ridiculous, laugh with your kids, husband, parents and friends.  I plan to be one of those ladies with grey hair and lots of laugh lines...like Lily Tomlin!

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02/28/2013 7:52AM
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