Kelley Peterson


KNOCK, KNOCK, KNOCK ... is this thing on?

"Someone" thought it might be a good idea to give me a space on here to ramble about randomness, as if giving me 5 hours of airtime to do just that wasn't enough.

So here goes, my take on "social media".

Pinterest - unfullfillable, artsy-fartsy stuff.  Yeah I have one, not sure why though.
Twitter - NC-17. That's how I roll...  followers be warned.
Facebook - noise. Really, loud, nails-on-chalk-board noise.  But an incredible tool to keep track of my teenage children!
Instagram - "here's what I ate, who I ate it with & where I ate it" I've never seen so many food pictures in my life.  Stop the madness!
Blogs - no comment, that would be hypocritical ;)

12/05/2012 3:18PM
knock knock knock ... is this thing on?
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