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 At some time in everyone's life, they have to face...a job review.  Yes, that really FUN time when someone tells you how well (or poorly) you are doing your job.  Some of these can be really constructive.  If you have a fair boss who is really paying attention to what you are doing you can actually learn how to do your job better.  I had a job interview once where my boss criticized how un-professionally I dressed.  He came in wearing a t-shirt and jeans everyday and I usually wore a dress or a nice suit.  Go figure.

   Mike and I have spent most of this week getting reviewed.  For radio people, this means they record your show and go over every word you said for 4 hours.  Good times.  But we ARE learning how to be better for you.  There have been some "Ah Ha!!" moments for us during these sessions.  There have also been some "what was I thinking?" moments.  For the most part, it has been about building a better radio station for you to listen to.  And because that is what Mike and I want more than anything, we say BRING IT job reviewer...we can take it!

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04/11/2013 8:41AM
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