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No one can prepare you. We got lots of well wishes when we found out we were going to be grandparents. Everyone said grandkids would change our lives, that we would love it, that it is better than being a parent! And we tucked those comments away and waited for our babies to be born.

We are two months into this adventure of being grandparents and I have to say, it has been a real "game changer" for us. We had Gwendolyn and Gabriel together for the first time last week. Oh the joy! The cuteness! And the deep, deep happiness that comes from having grandbabies.

We had a lovely dinner at the Barn Door with the whole family. The babies were so quiet through the whole dinner! I don't remember my kids being that good! We went shopping and out to eat several times and those babies never cried! How is that possible? Could it be that Mike and I never let them? Could it be that we picked them up with the first squeak? Could it be that Mike and I always had a baby in our arms? Maybe…
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What is everyone reading this summer? Is anyone reading this summer? I read all the time. I have found that in the summer, I read some authors who write stories based in the Low Country of South Carolina or Nantucket. Never been to either place but don't they seem like great, beachy places?

In the winter I most often read books that take place in England or Scotland. I don't know why.

However, I just finished a book by Jennifer Weiner (she wrote "In Her Shoes") called "All Fall Down". It was a great, honest look at how easy it is for women who are juggling too many balls in the air to start relying on prescription medication to get up, stay up, and sleep. It is a GREAT read!

What are you reading this summer? Please share…I am always looking for something new!
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Mike and I took a week of very precious vacation time to finish renovations on our house which is now, finally, on the market. It was a week of learning about things I have since promised myself I will never do again!

I tiled 3 showers. I spread 1000 square feet of floor adhesive (some of which is still on my hands and arms because that stuff REALLY sticks!) I cleaned, I swept, I painted…at one point, I believe it was around 2am on Thursday, I was laying on my side on the floor of the living room, glue trowel in hand, and said to my brother "This is the BEST vacation EVER!" It was sarcasm, of course.

So what advice would I give to those of you who are thinking of undertaking a big home project by yourselves? Don't. They call it "divorce dust" for a reason! Mike and I will be in therapy for a while, and I may never speak to my brother again!
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