"Thoughts From A Sleep Deprived Mind"



Saturday the 19th was Mike's birthday.  We always spend a couple of days sleeping...I mean "relaxing"...at the cabin for his birthday.  The older we get, the more important sleep...I mean "relaxing" is!  So we left Saturday afternoon with our friend Rachel Dobbs to go to the cabin for a few days. 

 We got there and were thrilled that we didn't have to put chains on the tires to get up the hill!  Then we went inside.  We hadn't been up in a couple of weeks.  It had been a couple of VERY cold weeks!  The water in the toilets was frozen!  And then Mike announced there was no running water.  Now, we had replaced all our pipes a couple of years ago when it was 20 below zero.  My poor brother Troy had spent a cold, muddy week there re-plumbing.  My little niece, Megan, was the only one skinny enough to crawl under the kitchen floor! 

 But Mike quickly discovered it was not our pipes that were frozen, there was no water coming IN to the cabin.  We found out that the pipe from the spring was frozen somewhere and that no one on our side of the canyon had water.  We quickly grabbed all the pitchers we could find and went up to another spring that just pours out of rock up the canyon.  After that, we thawed the toilets, went into Alamogordo to get bottles of drinking water, and settled down to a bath and shower free three days. 

 I feel fortunate that Rachel is such a good friend that we didn't need to worry that she would freak out about  not being able to take a shower.  She did not freak out about having to flush the toilet with a bucket of water.  She just put on her cheeta footie pajamas and worked on a jigsaw puzzle.  And any conversation about how we smelled was forbidden!

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01/24/2013 6:46AM
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