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I've recently decided to try and achieve the for most non-committal words in the English language "Get Back in Shape." And even in the vaguest of ways I'm not trying to achieve that much, I'm well aware "in shape" does not mean I will become like old school Arnold Schwarzenegger or current school Michael Phelps. My goal is to basically be able to walk up and down the stairs here at the KICKS studio, do it again immediately (usually because I've only realized I've forgotten something when I've reached the top of the stairs) and not be surprised at how much effort that took.

So I've started doing some more intensive exercises. Intensive being running on occasion or riding my bike, maybe waking up a little earlier and doing a light workout.  And I'm doing some things with the upcoming Summer Mummers which requires a whole lot of physical activity. It's not all that much, I'm not even going to a gym... mostly because I'm like Homer Simpson every time I see one.


I was expecting some soreness in my legs and arms, that's how you know exercise is working right? But no my legs and arms are fine, but my back, neck, and entire torso are killing me.  It feels like I was lifting a refrigerator and not just doing ten jumping jacks. Is this what people who are super fit always feel like? If thats the case no thank you, excersise is supposed to make you feel younger not older right?  I'll take my my pudgy stomach, drink my prune juice, watch some Matlock, go to bed by 8pm and be able to look left to right without groaning. That sounds a lot nicer.

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05/07/2013 11:27AM
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