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If we are lucky, we are each given at least one friend we are totally comfortable with. A friend you can count on to be honest, fallible, forgiving, and funny. If you are truly blessed, your husbands also get along great. We just spent the weekend with those friends.

Rachel and I became friends when we worked together on CMN. We have seen each other sick, tired, angry, hurt, scared and in trouble. We have survived Disney World together many times. Rachel and Kevin have seen Mike and I fight and we have seen them fight. Not that it happens often because like Mike and I, Kevin and Rachel are best friends.

This weekend we went up to the cabin. Within the first hour we were in our jammies…we didn't get out of those jammies until Sunday at noon!! We all claimed a spot in the living room and built our nests. Books, cups, candy, robes and heated throws made us each comfortable. Then there were football games and movies. A fire going the whole time and some snow! Rachel and Mike cooked…Kevin and I let them.

I read somewhere that God puts people in your life "for a Season, a Reason or a Lifetime" and I pray all the time that Kevin and Rachel are our Lifetime people from God, because being this comfortable with another couple is truly a gift. Treasure the "Lifetime" friends in your own life.
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I believe God is always present. I also believe that sometimes, He lets you know He is right there beside you. Apparently, Garth Brooks also believes this. At his concert in Minneapolis last week, he spotted a woman in the crowd holding a sign that read "Chemo this morning. Garth tonight. Enjoying the Dance." At the time he was singing the song. He asked the woman to come to the front, then he sat down on the edge of the stage and sang "The Dance" just for her and when he finished he gave her his guitar. The woman, Teresa Shaw, has been battling stage 3 breast cancer.

Then Garth said "Sometimes I think If God would just give a big old hand that comes out from the sky and write "I Exist" then there would never be any doubt, right? Well I want to tell you right now God just stuck his hand out and he wrote "You have all of my strength, you have everybody's strength in here, and you go kick cancer's butt".

Do I believe that God spoke to Garth and through Garth? Yes I do. Do you?
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My nephew got a DNA test. He wasn't questioning his parentage he was trying to figure out if a certain condition was genetic for our family. What he found out was really interesting!

It seems that our side of the family is largely Viking stock. That explains some things to me about my brother Troy. But almost everyone in America has some Viking in them I think so it was the next thing that really fascinated me. We also have Neanderthal blood! This Neanderthal blood has given us a very specific genetic ability…to smell flowers.

We have the ability to smell flowers better than most people thanks to our Neanderthal ancestors. This explains a lot to me! I cannot use sprays or room fresheners with flower scents because they are so strong they make me sick. I do spice scents but no florals. I can smell flower scents in lotions and perfumes that no one else notices which is why I always choose citrus scents in body washes and lotions.

It's funny how a DNA test can help you understand such a little bitty piece of yourself.

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