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So I came across a short 35 second video on YouTube recently and it has already become my new favorite. I don't want to ruin anything but it sets up a mystery then it quickly resolves itself. Do yourself a favor and watch it and meet me below the video to recap.

What just happened? Do you need to watch it again? That's okay, I've probably watched it a few hundred times by now. Let's break this down.

A building is on fire. How did the fire start? OH... this guy did it, he just casually admits it to the News Team. This leaves us so many unanswered questions... did the reporter go up and ask him his thoughts on the fire and he just thought it would be cool to confess? Did he just go up to the reporter and volunteer this information? He is standing IN THE MIDDLE of a bunch of cops and firefighters all "I set the fire" like. Dude bro sets a building on fire... goes and GETS A DRINK... comes back and is all like "Oh is that whole fire thing still going on? Yea that was me" Super casual. If you are going to commit arson, I feel like being super casual about it is the best way to go.

Speaking of the cops... how amazing is that reaction? Arsonist points to the building, "I set it on fire," The cop does an honest to goodness double-take then just stares at him in disbelief. They then arrest him. Case Closed. 35 seconds.

And to make you feel better I did some googling and found out that nobody was injured in the fire, and the guy set the fire to bring attention to the terrible living conditions in the area. He had tried to bring it up to the cops many times before but nobody paid attention before the fire.
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You might have noticed I was not on the air most of last week. If you tuned into Mike and Dana you probably heard me calling in from Florida (Where it was sooo warm, and I have no regrets in telling you I did not mind missing the bulk of the cold front). It was the annual Children's Miracle Network conference. Our CMN Radiothon is coming up in February and I went to the conference to get a better picture of this amazing organization as a whole. Now I already knew that what separated the CMN staff here in West Texas from other charities I'd worked with was their honesty and intense passion for what they do. After Celebration 2014 (The name of the conference) I know that that passion doesn't exist just here in Texas but in CMN staff and hospitals across the country and beyond. They have 170 hospitals total, in every state, Canadian province, and even one in Puerto Rico! But it wasn't seeing the interworkings of an amazing international charity that was the best part. It was meeting kids from across the country who had benefited from CMN Hospitals, many of whom wouldn't be here today if it weren't for the facilities that CMN provides. Each kid, who were aptly called Champions, had a unique story: from appendicitis that went wrong to extremely rare birth disorders that were only cured/prevented because they were born in or near a Childrens Hospital. The conference really was all about the kids, and telling their stories. The kid in the picture above is the Texas Champion, when he was born with one of those extremely rare disorders they had to amputate his feet and hands to save him, and doctors were sure he would never run or jump again. When they introduced him on stage he came out in a full sprint. Manly tears were shed.

Childrens Miracle Network had a record year in fundraising in 2014. And while some of it does come from corporate sponsors and the like, the huge majority of it comes from local individual donations that help the local hospital, and from events like our yearly Radiothon. We want to keep that momentum and passion alive so this February when you hear us talk about CMN and all the local West Texas children who have benefited from this amazing charity, even if it's only a dollar, Put your Money Where the Miracles Are.
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If you watched any of the red carpet coverage of the CMA Awards you may have noticed the special correspondents that Ellen DeGeneres sent to interview the artists. Well she uploaded the full video of their coverage and I have to say... it was hilarious. Watch Luke Bryan play "whiskey shooter," Hunter Hayes shows off his "tattoo" and Florida Georgia Line get a gift certificate to Olive Garden! Plus one of the interviewers gets progressively more drunk because Country Stars are really really good at Whiskey Shooter. The video is 15 minutes long but extremely worth the watch.

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You may or may not be aware of The Internet Archive. They are a non-profit organization dedicated to basically preserving, well, everything. They have all sorts of things in their library, old educational films, concerts, preserved websites of days gone bye etc etc. But recently they added the greatest thing I've ever seen. Dozens and dozens of classic arcade games from the 70's, 80's, and 90's. All the epic ones like Galaga, Street Fighter, Q*BERT... whatever the heck Targ is.... They are calling it.... drumroll please... THE INTERNET ARCADE. All listed alphabetically for your convenience.

Have fun re-living your childhood and/or show it your kids and give them the childhood they deserve. I am not responsible for any future wasted hours of your life.
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Have you ever learned something that you never realized needed to be learned?  That is what just happened to me when I came across this video of machines harvesting giant blocks of marble in the Italian Alps.  One guy they refer to as the "Capo" expertly directs two earth movers to break off blocks of marble from the mountainside.  It is both extremely impressive and beautiful all at once.  I don't think I had ever once thought of where marble comes from, or that I even knew that there are literal whole mountains made of marble.  Apparently the Apuan Alps in Italy (where this video was filmed) produce the most Marble in the world, followed closely by areas in China and India (which explains how the Taj Mahal can be made entirely of marble).  So take a minute and watch something you wouldn't normally see, a strangely stunning landscape and a master at work.


The Description from the video itself:
Italian artist and filmmaker Yuri Ancarani captures the otherworldly landscape of a marble quarry in the Apuan Alps, Northwest Italy, as Il Capo (The Chief) guides his men through the extraction process.
Read the full feature on NOWNESS:
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