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Today, Nashville Kat talked about the really petty complaint that Brandy DeGlanville made against Leann Rimes.  Brandy doesn't like Leann referring to HER two sons as "my boys".  Whenever I hear about  this kind of stuff I think back to when I felt just as "threatened". 

When my son Adam was about a year old, his father needed to leave us and go to his family in Houston to get well.  He had a chemical imbalance in his brain that brought on deep depression and he needed a safe place to go through all the testing and therapy that would fix it.  So it was just Adam and me for awhile.

By the time Adam's father got his life back on track it had been a couple of years.  He wanted to be back in his son's life.  I was thinking about re-marrying at the time and really struggled with not wanting Adam to be confused by two fathers, not wanting to share him with his father in Houston, all the selfish thoughts of a very scared and threatened mother. 

Then I was driving to work one early morning and pulled over to the side of the road, overwhelmed by fear I started to pray..."please Lord, change his mind about wanting to come back into Adam's life..."  and  I heard, clear as a bell, "No.  But I will change your heart!"  And at that moment God made me see that it would always be better for Adam to have his father in his life and that it would be even better for him to have TWO good men in his life.  And it has been!  Both of his fathers have taught him many different things about life.  And he tells me he loves them both so much, and that he has loved having two fathers.
So Brandy, just shut up, love your sons and let the other mother in their lives love them too.  Children never suffer from too many people loving them.  They only suffer when a parent is too selfish to let that happen.

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12/05/2012 10:53AM
Feeling Threatend
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