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Okay can we first acknowledge the picture above?  Let's think about all the time and effort that went into that masterpiece. Think of the people involved... the two guys in the photo (are they professional Hard Hat models? Engineers who had free time? Did they plan to wear the same shirt or was that a happy accident?), there was a photographer, probably people to help with background and lights, a whole team!  All just to make sure we know what the chinstraps on the helmets look like fitted on a person.... the serene looks off into the distance are just a hilarious bonus.  

I mention all that for two reasons, one is that picture is hands down the funniest thing I will see all day... and two because it is that attention to detail that sets MSA Safety apart.  They have been around for over 100 years (Founded in 1914), and for that entire time the safety of workers in dangerous industries have been their primary concern.  If you work in the Oil & Gas fields then you probably already know about MSA, but if not you need to check out their intense line of safety products.  Like the V-Gard Hard Hats (with or without the fashionable chin straps pictured above), the ALTAIR Gas Detectors, or their line of Fall Protection Equipment

But talk is cheap, and as the picture above proves... images speak volumes... so let's see this stuff in action:


As one of the YouTube comments on that video says " The classic is still the best."  So look up MSA Safety for yourself and see why, you might even win an awesome prize like a YETI Cooler (enter here)... I'm gonna go look up how to get into the hard helmet modeling industry. 
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So here is what happened... last week Kelley Peterson posted a blog about Guinea Pigs

And I was like.. yea that is pretty cute but not as cute as a pug snoring in a bucket of water.  

Then Kelley came back and was like yea that is pretty cool but not as cool as Dancing Spiders! 

And I admit... I thought she had me beat... but then I discovered...

A Hamster.  On a Piano.  Eating Popcorn. 


Your move Kelley.
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Kelley Peterson posted her Guinea Pigs swimming around video and I thought to myself... that is pretty cute... but then I saw this video and was like... this is much cuter and also hilarious. 

It is a pug snoring in a bucket of water... case closed.


Live the dream for all of us Pug. 

also... see if you can hear the bonus sound around the :13 mark. 
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The Rubik's Cube is a weird thing.  Is it a toy? A puzzle? A source of incomprehensible anger and frustration from my youth? Yes.   Erno Rubik invented a thing that had only one right answer and billions upon billions of wrong answers (edit: so I actually just Googled it and the possible variations of a Rubik's Cube are 4x10^19 or 43 Quintillion... still only one of those is the right one).  I consider myself a pretty bright guy but I have never solved one of those things in my life; I was solidly in the "let me just take off all the stickers and put them back in order to solve it" camp.  There was always that one kid in school who figured out the trick to solving it in a few seconds and would show it off every chance they got (I'm looking at you Jacob! I don't care if I was a groomsman in your wedding, that wasn't cool bro). 

Well imagine if one of those kids who was really good at solving Rubik's Cubes was like "Oh okay... this is what I do now."   

Oh wait, you don't have to imagine it because a guy named Steven Brundage was that kid, and he Rubik's all day.  He is so good at moving a plastic cube made up of smaller plastic cubes around that he has turned it into a professional magic act.  And once again I'm a pretty bright guy...  but Steven is definitely using real magic.   In fact he just won on Fool Us, it's a show where Penn & Teller watch magic acts and if they can't figure out how the act happened the performer gets to open for them in Vegas.  In the history of the show only a select few have fooled Penn & Teller and usually they can guess how it happened but aren't completely sure.  For Steven they just stand up and say "He fooled us." 

I've seen this video a few times now and I still am just like... huh?

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First Off... let me set the scene for you... it was last week, and everybody was talking about health foods.  Specifically the wonder grain Quinoa and how healthy it was... then somebody started about Chia seeds and how healthy they were.  This is where the tangent began.

"Chia seeds?  Like what they use for Chia pets? 'Ch-ch-cha Chia' Pets from one of the best commercial jingles of all time?"


So instead of Googling health properties of chia seeds I just immediately go online and order a Chia Pet... we live in the future and we can do that now. 

It arrived yesterday.  So did I get a Chia Dog? A Chia Cat?  The Chia Pig?  No... I got Chia Abe Lincoln. 


Here is how it works... you soak the clay planter part in water for an hour, then you add the seeds to a bit of water and stir it around until it becomes this gel-like paste that you spread over where you want it to grow.  It said to use a plastic knife or spoon so naturally we just use our hands.  It... didn't go well.  So throughout the day we added more coats of the seeds... we were supposed to have enough seeds to last at least three plantings... but we used them all for this first attempt. 


Technically speaking we weren't supposed to spread seeds over his beard but we figured you couldn't have a Chia Abe without a Chia Beard.  I think real Abe would agree (He would also be pretty freaked out for several other reasons if we were actually able to ask him). 

We should have full Chia growth within 1 to 2 weeks, I will be updating this with photos as it progresses.



And then for a long time it didn't really seem to change but then...


The backlight from the window doesn't really do it justice so here is the back of Abe:

All in all I'm pretty happy with the results.  There is one spot right above is forehead where absolutely nothing grew but that was where we put the most seeds.  The directions said not to clump the seeds extremely close together and we did the exact opposite of that. We put seeds on seeds on seeds (3 times what we were supposed to actually)  Had we not gone rogue and actually followed the directions I think we would have a very respectable Chia Abe Lincoln, instead we got an Abe that security would follow around if he were walking alone in a department store.  Still though, for the original $14 investment and almost 3 weeks of entertainment I would rate the whole thing an 8/10... would Chia Abe again. 
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