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Saw this on my friends Instagram & thought, "Wow...he nailed it"


To all the youngsters that follow me. Ask yourself this. "What do I want to be or do when I get out if high school or college?" Lawyer, doctor, salesman, baseball, football, teacher.... doesn't matter. If that's your passion, don't let anyone take away your passion or drive. Put everything into it and be the best. That's my belief. I've seen people be who mom or dad wanted them to be. I've seen it and I've been that person trying to be who dad wanted me to be. it doesn't work that way. If you're not passionate about something, you wont be successful. I guarantee this....If you're responsible, caring, not a bum or drug addict or alcoholic, and you go 100%, they will be proud because you're successful at being happy. Be yourself and help others achieve happiness around you and you'll have the best life around.

There's so much truth in those words.  My folks still ask me when I plan to "grow up & get a real job"... and my answer is the same that it's been all along. "I'll never grow-up, I'm a Toys'R'Us kid" ;)

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03/27/2013 10:54AM
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