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   Happy April Fool's Day!  Mike and I have enjoyed pulling a few on-air April Fools jokes in the past.  The one where we told everyone "the city" had added a new "water booster" to the water lines and they were going to be testing it was great.  We had a "city official" tell everyone they needed to close their toilet lids and put something heavy on top of them to keep from flooding their bathrooms just in case something went wrong.  Man, we heard about THAT for years!!

   The most fun we had was the year we had the two most popular newscasters (Jay and Melissa) come in and do our show as "Mike and Dana".  We didn't fool anyone but it was really fun!

   The most wide-reaching April Fool's Day joke was "Comet Dust".  The year Halley's Comet came close to earth coincided with spring in West Texas!  So we decided to blame all the usual spring allergies on "comet dust".  We heard from friends in Dallas that people were talking about comet dust causing all their allergies!!  We also heard from many doctors who got a big laugh!

   So enjoy your April Fool's Day but beware, there are people like us out there!

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04/01/2013 8:20AM
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