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My daughter’s–in-law, Lilly and Sara, are both new mothers.  Their mom journey has just begun.  As they face daycare drama and mommy guilt, workplace issues and exhaustion, I feel like I am part of a sorority of women who have taken or are taking this mommy journey.
I remember how isolating it could be at times.  Up all alone, just you and the baby, at 3am.  Embarrassed in Wal-Mart when the baby will NOT stop crying and you still have to go through the check-out lane. 
I remember the feeling when I dropped my baby off at daycare for the first time.  Lilly just did that last week as she returned to work.  It was the longest day of her life.  I remember that too.
So, to my girls Lilly and Sara, you are both doing such a fantastic job!  You are amazing mothers and great women.  Just remember when you are out in public and you just want to cry with frustration because NOTHING is going right…find the nearest grandma.  I have discovered that “Grandmotherhood” is also a sorority…and we are always there to help.

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07/28/2014 7:52AM
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07/28/2014 12:22PM
Great Advice
Great Advice to your girls Dana. All Mom's know the struggle and to remember you're not alone in any situation is so important.
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