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Radio DJ's have certain tools we use every day.  Tools that we can sometimes take for granted because we use them so often we forget it would be impossible to do our job without them.  Our microphone and our headphones. If you were to compare Radio DJ's to ancient Gladiators (a comparison which has never ever been made before but I like it so I'm going to use it) the microphone would be our sword and the headphones our shield. And this week my shield has started to break. 

Here at the KICKS studio Mike and Dana, Kelly Peterson, and I all use our own headphones.  We may be one big radio family but we don't want to be swapping ear germs* with each other all the time.  eww.  A DJ has a special connection with his or her headphones.  Heck, Kelly's profile pic is just of her headphones.  So earlier this week when my headphones started to peel apart I was understandably COMPLETELY TERRIFIED.

Oh the Humanity!!!!

I don't want to use hyperbole but this is basically the beginning of the end times.  I've had these headphones for years, For countless hours it's just been me and my headphones listening to music.  They have outlived at least 3 iPods, countless plane trips and all sorts of marathon music listening sessions.  Soon they will meet the fate of all great headphones: tangled in a drawer and forgotten about until you find them again years later and you go "oh hey look it's my old headphones".  But until then my metaphorical shield and I still have some music to listen too.

*I am not a Doctor and ear germs is not a scientific term

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05/10/2013 11:52AM
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05/10/2013 1:30PM
But ear germs are a true fear!! kp
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