New Music From Zach Dubois

Listen as I had the chance to feature a good friend of mine on my podcast for a second time. Zach Dubois is an up and coming country artist from Northern Indiana who was one of the very first artists I had the pleasure of featuring. (Ep. 4 at Zach recently released a brand new album titled Flaneur, after taking a 3 year break from music. After speaking with Zach, he explained he ‘s been traveling the world and listening to none other than Americana and more traditional sounding country music. Artists like, Roger Creager, Sean McConnell and Jason Isbell. After listening to Zach’s new music, you’ll hear a lot of Texas influence in the roots of the album. So listen below as Zach shares not only some stories about the songs on the album, but also the process he went through to put this album together.

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