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Last week Rolling Stone Magazine released one of their perennial lists, but instead of a "Greatest" list this time it was the 40 Saddest Country Songs of All Time. And they really mean of All Time.  The list includes everything from Lee Brice's relatively recent "I Drive Your Truck" to the old Honky-Tonk crooner Faron Young and his song "Hello Walls." It even includes some gems that I hadn't heard in a long long time like Pirates of the Missippi's "Feed Jake."  Rolling Stone describes the list as saying 'Like no other musical genre, country stories of loss and heartbreak turn the old "tear in my beer" cliché into a sad, salty reality.'  Well said Rolling Stone. 
But of course like any list you want to know what topped it.  What do they think is the Saddest Country Song of All Time? A song that contains the lyrics "she hides the bruises with linen and lace"  Martina McBride's "Concrete Angel" 
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Carrie Underwood's new single, 'Something in the Water,' is out and she’ll also release ‘Greatest Hits: Decade #1,’ December 9. It’ll include her 18 #1’s and a few new tunes as well.

Congrats to Eric Church - his wife Katherine’s expecting their second child! He subtly revealed the news at a recent concert when he changed the lyrics to a song and instead of singing, “give my dad a grandson,” he sang, “give my dad another grandson.”

As for babies in he and his wife’s future,Thomas Rhett says the beginning of 2016 is the latest they’ll wait to start trying for one.
Concerning tabloid rumors; Blake Shelton says, “the less we try to defend ourselves, the more it goes away. We're happy and we really laugh about all of that stuff.” Blake's new album is out Tuesday, but right now the whole thing’s streaming live at
Tonight Kenny Chesney performs on Conan.


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The whole time I was growing up, my mother was a nomad.  She moved us ALL the time!  If she thought there was something better for us somewhere else, we moved there.  She never seemed to be afraid of change.  Then we all moved in together.
During the 10 years we lived together she fought cancer twice and won!  Those fights cost her so much though.  She lost her strength and she lost her ability to accept change.  It terrified her, I think.  Mike and I have been trying to talk her into downsizing for the past couple of years but she would have none of it.  Finally, my brother and I went to Alamogordo to look at houses for her.  She loves the high desert and Mike and I will eventually be retiring to our place in New Mexico so Alamogordo made sense.  We found a lovely little house with a view of the mountains that we thought would be perfect for her.  Three weeks later she was all moved in!  She overcame her fears and took a leap of faith.
I visited her again this weekend and I must say she is blooming!  She has a lovely relationship with the retired Air Force gentleman next door who plays guitar and sings in a group with friends.  He has restored a Model “A” Ford and she rides with him in parades.  She goes out several evenings a week and they do lots of things together.  She is happy.  She is glowing.  She is stronger.  The change she resisted for so long has changed her and it is inspiring.
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The Peterson family will be looking into this.  You should as well!

Keep Texas Beautiful and Oncor, a Texas-based electricity delivery company, invite homeowners to participate in the Arbor Day Foundation's Energy-Saving Trees program. The program is designed to promote energy conservation by giving away free trees and educating homeowners on the best places to plant the trees to lower heating costs in the winter and cooling costs in the summer, while avoiding power lines.


While many Texas residents pay their electric bill through a retail electric company, those living in the Dallas/Ft Worth, Tyler, Waco, Midland/Odessa, and surrounding communities likely receive electricity distributed through Oncor's lines.


Homeowners can reserve up to two free trees per residence, which offer a potential savings of up to 20 percent on energy bills, according to the Arbor Day Foundation. Trees around homes not only help reduce the amount of energy consumed, but also add property value, reduce carbon created, improve air quality and more effectively filter stormwater runoff.


A simple online tool, utilizing innovative tree mapping technology, is available to guide homeowners to correct placement and selection of trees. The tool also estimates potential energy savings for homeowners.


Two- to four-foot trees will be shipped to qualifying homes beginning in October. Six tree species are available through the Energy-Saving Trees program, all of which are native to Texas, including Burr oak, cedar elm, chinkapin oak, Mexican white oak, pecan, Shumard oak and Texas redbud.


Find out more about the Energy-Saving Trees program by visiting Be sure to have your electric bill handy as the program requires the first 10 digits of your ESI (electric service identifier) ID number. If you need assistance locating your ESI ID number, please contact your retail electric company.


Energy-Saving Trees is a program available to Tree Line USA utilities that provides free trees to electric customers to plant in strategic energy-saving locations. Tree Line USA is a program sponsored by the Arbor Day Foundation and is administered by Texas A&M Forest Service. It recognizes utilities that support good arboriculture practices and promote tree-based energy conservation.

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While at the San Diego Zoo Wednesday, Jason Aldean proposed to his girlfriend Brittany Kerr.

Today, Kenny Chesney’s on The Ellen DeGeneres Show then tomorrow night he’s on CMT’s Instant Jam with a surprise concert he did a few weeks ago at the U of Georgia. Also tomorrow, Kenny’s the celebrity guest picker for the USC Gamecock’s on ESPN’s Gameday then tomorrow night, the documentary Kenny co-produced about Gamecocks coach Steve Spurrier, The Believer re-airs on ESPNU.
Honeysuckle Hill Farm in Springfield, TN just created a huge corn maze designed in the shape of Luke Bryan's face.
Carrie Underwood plays the Global Citizen Festival Saturday in New York’s Central Park. Part of it’s on then there’s a one-hour special tomorrow night on NBC.
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Keith Urban debuts the video for his latest single ‘Somewhere In My Car’ this morning at After that you can see it on VEVO.

Dierks Bentley’s just downgraded to the low tech LG flip phone. He still has an iPhone, but he’s limited himself to only checking it five times a day. He got the flip so he can’t text and so it’s not such a distraction. To get it added to his plan was a whopping 99 cents.
Garth’s coming to the Target Center inMinneapolis with two shows on both November 14 and the 15. Tickets go on sale the morning ofOctober 3.

Carrie Underwood’s on the Today Show tomorrow morning to reveal some big news.

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As for his career so far, Tim McGraw feels like he’s at his prime right now and says, “I’ve got so much ahead of me musically and in film.” Tim also reveals his dream duet partners are Bruce Springsteen and Pink.

Kenny Chesney performs on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon tonight.

If you pre-order Little Big Town’s upcoming album ‘Pain Killer’ you’ll receive an instant tune download for free and if you go to they just posted a game that has to do with the new album.

Trisha Yearwood’s ‘PrizeFighter: Hit after Hit’ is out Nov. 17 but can be pre-ordered now on GhostTunes. It has six new songs and ten of her biggest hits.

Brett Eldredge ‏tweets, “I don't care if they say it's impossible, I WILL learn to lick my elbow! Don't tell me I can't do something!”
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Dierks Bentley has a new single and a new music video to go with it.  The song is "Say You Do"  and it is a bit of a heartbreak ballad. The opening lyrics are "Don't worry about the damage done, Just let those words roll off your tongue."  In the song Dierks is trying to come to terms with a either a really bad recent argument, or a complete break up.  But according to the music video Dierks mourning process is as about as epic and manly as I can imagine.  He flies a plane to the middle of nowhere, then rides a motorcycle to a cabin further in nowhere, and drinks whiskey and chops wood until he comes to terms with everything.  What? What! Who does that Dierks?  Who are you?  I want my entire life to be what you do for a day after an argument.  Seriously I'm trying to feel for you, it's a beautiful song but all I can think of is how cool your motorcycle is.  IT IS A REALLY COOL MOTORCYCLE.  How do you keep it so clean stashed in the woods?  Where do you gas it up at?  Do you make bio-diesel when you aren't sad about stuff?  Did you build a cabin far away from the water solely so you could drive your motorcycle there? 

Watch the video for yourself below.  Fun Fact:  Dierks Bentley is a licensed pilot so that is definitely him really flying at the beginning (Puts Drunk on a Plane in perspective doesn't it?)

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Kenny Chesney - The Big Revival Release Date: September 23rd, 2014


Big & Rich - Gravity Release Date: September 23rd, 2014


Josh Abbott Band - Tuesday Night EP Release Date: September 23rd, 2014


Lee Ann Womack - The Way I'm Livin' Release Date: September 23rd, 2014

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