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As for his most impressive automotive skill,Thomas Rhett says he’s pretty good at changing the oil while Florida Georgia Line’s Brian says his dad taught him how to change a tire early on.
Luke Bryan says his two little boys do the cutest things. At Tate’s baseball game the other day he ran the wrong way but it had everyone in the stands cracking up!
In their free time you’ll find Florida Georgia Line working on their homes but they’re hardly ever there, so that makes it quite a challenge to get anything done.
Colton from The Swon Brothers says the most romantic thing he’s ever done was to leave 1,000 rose petals and candles in his house for his girlfriend that lead her to a fancy dinner he’d made all by himself.

Finally - Thomas Rhett’s quite the chef and he told me his signature dish is marinated chicken but it’s a secret recipe he won’t share even tho I tried hard to get it from him.
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The first southern stop on The Garth BrooksWorld Tour is Atlanta. It will be the first time Garth has played Atlanta in 18 years. The concert will be Friday, September 19th, 6:30 PM at the Philips Arena in Atlanta, GA.

Tickets will be on sale Friday, August 8th at 10:00 AM EST. There will be a six ticket limit per purchase. They can be purchased at, 1-800-745-3000 or Ticketmaster Express 1-866-448-7849. Please note there will be no sales at the venue box office or Ticketmaster outlets on August 8th. 

Tickets will cost $56.94 plus $4.56 tax, a $4.00 facility fee and a $6.00 service charge, totaling $71.50.
We don’t know if they’ll sell their 18,000-sq-ft mansion near Tulsa yet but right now Garth and Trisha are house hunting in Nashville which to me is kinda odd cause they already own a 6,000-sq-ft house with 300 acres in Goodlettsville, just 12 miles from town. Their place is recognizable by the train station-sized warehouse with a giant lower case “g” on its side.
Jake Owen says touring means his office changes daily and he gets to meet new people plus it also benefits his young daughter. Jake says, “there’s so much education from traveling and I’ve seen her blossom into such a smart kid because she’s able to see so many new things.”
Brad Paisley leaked snippets from his upcoming album the other day and now he’s leaking news his sister-in-law, Ashley Williams will co-star with comedian Jim Gaffigan in a TV Land series based on Jim’s life. It debuts this fall and Brad says, “I love Gaffigan so I can't wait.” I bet he ends up with a cameo on the show as well.  
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You may have noticed the Texas Sage bushes around town are blooming beautifully.  I've always heard that the sage is a better rain predictor than any weatherman, so I decided to look into the science behind it.  Here's what I found:

Texas sage (Leucophyllum frutescens), also known as Texas ranger and cenizo, produces silvery-gray foliage and ½- to 1-inch, bell-shaped, light purple flowers. Texas sage most often blooms after summer showers and does bloom repeatedly in waves from spring through fall, especially after rains moisten the soil. (homeguide - texas sage)

Hmmmm, that says AFTER a rain... back to google.

Officially known as Leucophyllum frutescens, Barometer Bush is a tough, desert-loving plant native to Texas and Mexico. Resistant to drought, foraging deer, freezes, high winds, salt spray and blazing heat, its foliage has the soft, grayish appearance of some salvias or Dusty Miller. The blossoms, ranging in color from pink to lavender, tend to appear in times of high humidity or after rain has left the soil damp and pliable – hence the name, Barometer Bush.

Because suddenly rising humidity often precedes rain in arid or semi-arid climates, the sage can be tempted to bloom just as suddenly before a rain. Depending on the degree of drought, the excitement over its flowering can be palpable.

Ah, now I get it!  Bloom on Barometer bush, bloom on!

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This is an artichoke:

You can eat them.  I always thought they were a vegetable but apparently they are a thistle.  You can grill them, boil them etc etc.... but if you let them grow they flower... and an artichoke flower looks like this:

This is all I know about artichokes.
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Luke Bryan's 6th annual Farm Tour kicks off October 1 in Knoxville, Tennessee. It’s 8 dates and the ticket pre-sale info’s at

Farm Tour 2014 
October 1 Knoxville, Tennessee  
October 2  Auburn, Alabama             
October 3 Tallahassee, Florida     
October 4  Gainesville, Florida                  
October 8  Statesboro, Georgia   
October 9 Athens, Georgia 
October 10 Columbia, South Carolina 
October 11  Macon, Georgia 
Toby Keith was the top country earner last year, according to Forbes. He raked in $65 million. #2 was Taylor Swift making $64 million. The rest of the Top 5; ChesneyAldean and Luke Bryan.
On his upcoming album, ‘I Don't Dance,’ Lee Bricesays in making the new record, he was listening to everyone from Garth to Eminem. On one of the tracks, fans will think he’s rapping, but Lee says he’s just singing really fast.
As for what Chris Young looks for in a woman, he says, “somebody with a vision for what they do and someone who’s passionate and driven is sexy.”
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He was worried he wouldn’t sell many tickets and now Garth’s opening his world tour in Chicago with 10 shows; Sept. 4-14; with two on three of the nights and the 2nd one starts at 10:30! About 185,000 tickets were sold with a gross of nearly $11 million dollars. Trisha’s his opener and eBay has two tickets right now, third row on the floor going for $16,500!

The woman Tim McGraw slapped during that concert is now suing him. Jesslyn Taylor says pay up or he’ll face a personal injury lawsuit and when she was thrown out of the show, she was humiliated so along with a cash settlement, she also wants an apology from Tim.
Blake and Miranda say false tabloid stories about them was hard on her early in their marriage. Blake says, "now it's as common as slapping a fly off of your back.”
Billy Currington says he’s not on social media like Facebook much due to his private nature.
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My daughter’s–in-law, Lilly and Sara, are both new mothers.  Their mom journey has just begun.  As they face daycare drama and mommy guilt, workplace issues and exhaustion, I feel like I am part of a sorority of women who have taken or are taking this mommy journey.
I remember how isolating it could be at times.  Up all alone, just you and the baby, at 3am.  Embarrassed in Wal-Mart when the baby will NOT stop crying and you still have to go through the check-out lane. 
I remember the feeling when I dropped my baby off at daycare for the first time.  Lilly just did that last week as she returned to work.  It was the longest day of her life.  I remember that too.
So, to my girls Lilly and Sara, you are both doing such a fantastic job!  You are amazing mothers and great women.  Just remember when you are out in public and you just want to cry with frustration because NOTHING is going right…find the nearest grandma.  I have discovered that “Grandmotherhood” is also a sorority…and we are always there to help.
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Shania was seen dining at the Vegas restaurant of Food Network’s Giada De Laurentiis. Shania and her husband even got to go on a private tour of the kitchen.

This morning at 10 AM CT Garth’s Chicagoconcert September 4 at Allstate Arena goes on sale and the most you can buy at a time are 6. To increase your chances of getting them, set up an account now with Ticketmaster, then sign in and stay that way until tickets go on sale. When that happens search ‘Best Available’ to save you time and get you tickets. More shows could very well be added once this one sells out as his concert’s the only event there for a three-week period, so it could easily turn into a Garth mini-residency.
The Band PerryJustin Moore and Brantley Gilbert have a concert before this weekend’s races at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.
Miranda Lambert and The Band Perry will perform on Fashion Rocks Live Sept. 9 on CBS.
Little Big Town’s Jimi and Karen were spotted at Martin’s Bar-B-Que near Nashville’s BelmontUniversity. They have an indoor pit where whole pigs, goats and lamb spin over open flames.

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Kenny Chesney will co-direct a football documentary for ESPN, ‘The Believer’ about South Carolina head coach Steve Spurrier. It airs on the SEC Network Aug 27.

Steve Spurrier will take his turn in ESPN and the SEC Network’s “SEC Storied” series at 8 p.m. on Aug. 27 in a documentary titled, “The Believer.” The film covers Spurrier’s career as a player and coach, featuring interviews with his former players and his family, and addresses why and how Spurrier became Spurrier.

“It was a documentary they wanted to put together,” Spurrier said on Tuesday at SEC Media Days. “They spent a lot of time with my family, wife, kids, grandkids and so forth, and a lot of former players. So, hopefully, it will turn out OK.”

The trailer was released on Wednesday, a 90-second burst of Spurrier playing and coaching at Florida, Duke and South Carolina. The visor-tossing, the grin and the trophies are all well represented.

ESPN and the SEC had been discussing a Spurrier film, and once ESPN’s acclaimed “30 For 30” series began, it gained traction. A country music star provided an assist.

“There had been some talk of doing a Spurrier documentary, and when Kenny got involved, it kind of just fell together,” said Andy Billman, a producer of ESPN Films.

Kenny Chesney and Spurrier have been friends since 2007, when Chesney was performing at Colonial Life Arena and invited Spurrier on stage. Chesney, a football fan and longtime supporter of Tennessee, received a No. 7 USC jersey from Spurrier when Chesney played Williams-Brice Stadium in 2013 (No. 7 not for Jadeveon Clowney, but because it was Chesney’s number in high school).

Chesney, who also helped with a 2011 film called “The Boys of Fall” about football players across all levels, pitched his support as co-executive producer and the idea took off. “SEC Storied” covered topics such as Herschel Walker and “The Play That Changed College Football,” a recap of the 1992 SEC Championship Game in which Spurrier and his Gators were well represented, and decided to include Spurrier’s own film in its next wave.

Miranda Lambert’s tour bus was just remodeled with hardwood floors, farm-wood walls and a retro light pink fridge. She also has three bunks so friends and family can join her on the road.Watch the video here.
Carrie Underwood’s behind-the-scenes making of ‘Waiting All Day For Sunday Night’ hits movie theaters today. 
Jake Owen thinks the music biz is more than just a fight for a place on the charts. He says, “we only have a short window to make our mark and at the end, all you have left is your character. I’d rather have great character than a long line of big hits no one remembers 20 years from now."
Randy Travis has new music out Aug 19, ‘Influence Vol. 2: The Man I Am.’ Pre-order the album now on iTunes and you’ll get an instant download of one song for free.
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